1st half Radio Test

1st Half SIU vs ISU 1990 at Redbird

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2nd half SIU vs ISU test

2nd half SIU vs ISU test

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Fall ISU reunion


  1. Bob Bender – 2 attending
  2. Rick Bettenhausen – 3 attending
  3. Dan Butterly – 1 attending
  4. Margie Dillow – 2 attending
  5. Matt Hubbard – 4 attending
  6. Todd Kagel – 2 attending
  7. Tom  Lamonica – 1 attending
  8. Jay Lowenthal – 1 attending
  9. Dick Luedke – 1 attending
  10. Bob Morris – 2 attending
  11. Jon Pemberton – 5 attending
  12. Sonny (Roberts) Wray – 1 attending
  13. Jarrod Coleman (Saturday game) – 4 attending
  14. Elvin Flores (Friday, coming Saturday after the work)
  15. Rich Thomas (arriving Saturday afternoon around game time)
  16. Matt Panush (Friday night Pub II, Saturday?)
  17. Ruben Arjona (Friday night Pub II)
  18. Tim Rainwater (Friday Pub II only) – 1 attending

Need answer

  1. Antonie Hick
  2. Xavier Williams
  3. Coach Hughes


  1. Sam Skarich
  2. Randy Blair
  3. Scott Fowler
  4. Ray Giacoletti
  5. Bill King


It’s not to late, call Jason Fairfield at 309-438-5455 or e-mail at jefarif@ilstu.edu

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1990 Pepsi-MVC Tourney Nets $242,281

I found this!!!


The 1990 Pepsi-Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament not only was a fan success, with the largest crowd ever to see an MVC Tournament championship game, but it was a rousing financial success as well.

In September, Athletic Director Ron Wellman presented the MVC with a check for 242,281, the highest total proceeds in MVC Tournament.  The tournament committee guaranteed $190,000 in its bid for the tournament, so the conference received 52,281 over and above the guarantee.

This year, the Pepsi-MVC Tournament is at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis.

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Senate Joint Resolution No. 124 (4/3/1990)

preable 1


preable 2

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5 seniors and coach


coaches pem col

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Starting scanning

Valley Finale Press Packet


NCAA Program

NCAA program

October 1990 Bird’s I Views


Note from Coach B

bob note to jon

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