1st half Radio Test

1st Half SIU vs ISU 1990 at Redbird

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2nd half SIU vs ISU test

2nd half SIU vs ISU test

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The Plan Reunion September 5th, 6th and 7th

We are planning two reunions.  The First reunion, we are trying to pull together for September 5th, 6th and 7th.  Then the second reunion will be during an ISU Basketball game. (My guess is late January or February, depending on the schedule)


Fall Reunion

September 5th, 6th and 7th


6:30 pm at the PUB II in normal



  1. 4 pm – 6pm Food and Drink in the Legends rooms.  (Tour of the updated Redbird Areana)
  2. 6 pm Mississippi Valley State vs ISU 6:30 kick off .  Players, Coaches, and Staff will be sitting in the (AD Box, which sits about 35)

Elroy’s  102 W. Washington St.  Bloomington (309) 828-0142



If you our planning on attending, please call, text, e-mail, Jon Pemberton, Todd Kagel, Dan Butterly or Coach Morris.


Coach Morris – follow up with Athletic Department, and Basketball Office.

Kagel, Butterly, Coach Morris and Big Pemp, have people to contact.

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Fall ISU reunion


  1. Bob Bender – 2 attending
  2. Rick Bettenhausen – 3 attending
  3. Dan Butterly – 1 attending
  4. Margie Dillow – 2 attending
  5. Matt Hubbard – 4 attending
  6. Todd Kagel – 2 attending
  7. Tom  Lamonica – 1 attending
  8. Jay Lowenthal – 1 attending
  9. Dick Luedke – 1 attending
  10. Bob Morris – 2 attending
  11. Jon Pemberton – 5 attending
  12. Sonny (Roberts) Wray – 1 attending
  13. Jarrod Coleman (Saturday game) – 4 attending
  14. Elvin Flores (Friday, coming Saturday after the work)
  15. Rich Thomas (arriving Saturday afternoon around game time)
  16. Matt Panush (Friday night Pub II, Saturday?)
  17. Ruben Arjona (Friday night Pub II)
  18. Tim Rainwater (Friday Pub II only) – 1 attending

Need answer

  1. Antonie Hick
  2. Xavier Williams
  3. Coach Hughes


  1. Sam Skarich
  2. Randy Blair
  3. Scott Fowler
  4. Ray Giacoletti
  5. Bill King


It’s not to late, call Jason Fairfield at 309-438-5455 or e-mail at jefarif@ilstu.edu

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Redbird Arena 25th anniversary

This is my story of the “Slow Start to Redbird Arena”.   Redbird Arena starts with a whimper and goes downhill from there.   On Sunday, January 15th 1989, Normal Illinois, Illinois State Redbirds 71 and Chicago State 70.  The Story line should have been, The Redbirds start slow, and rally late to win.  Redbird Arena’s first game has Randy Blair hitting the first basket.  The other Redbirds who played were Scott Fowler, Derek Stokes, Jarrod Coleman, Ricky Jackson, Sam Skarich, Sonny (Roberts) Wray, Elvin Flores, Antoine Hick and me (Jon Pemberton).

To understand why the 1988-89 redbirds are struggling, I will need to tell you about the last game at Horton Field House.  The story discusses the legacy of the 1988-1989 Redbirds and their climb out of the darkness and into the DAWN.

I rewind back to the Redbirds win (87 to 62) over Butler Bulldogs, on February 24th 1988 in Horton Field House.  This is the original last game in Horton Field House behind the four senior players Jeff Harris, Tony Holifield, Cliff Peterson and Matt Taphorn (Unfortunately, Redbird Arena did not open on time).  So now we have a new last game at Horton Field House against the DePaul Blue Demons.  So on December 3rd 1988 DePaul Blue Demons come into Horton Field house and beat the Redbirds 78 to 77.  The failure to close out Horton Field House will haunt me forever, and now we have to open Redbird Arena.

Illinois State Redbirds have been Division 1 since the 1970 – 71 Season, and the Illinois State Redbirds had never had a losing season for 19 years!!!  Now, with Redbird Arena opening, we are 3 – 9 going into our first game in the new Redbird Arena.  The importance of this game to us focused on tradition, success, and 19 years of winning.  We were in big trouble, and we knew it.

Now it is Sunday, January 15th 1989 and the Redbird Arena’s opening game.

Honestly this is not a game that is easy for me to remember.  Today, January 9, 2014  Randy Blair, Sony (Roberts) Wray, and Jarrod Coleman and myself struggled to talk about the game.    We have a few memories of this game.  Most games we can talk about  for hours with tons of laughing and a recounting special memories.  If it had not been for Randy Kindred and Bryan Bloodworth asking questions about the game, these memory would have stayed “packed away in my brain”.  January 15th 2014 would have passed by with work, kid’s activities, and wondering if my Redbirds beat Evansville.

So let me finish the story, by the end of 1988-1989 season, Redbird arena did not feel like home.  We still felt like home was Horton Field House.   Horton Field House had never seen a losing season, and Redbird Arena did not know a winning season.  The great news is Redbird Arena would not have to wait long to crawl out of the darkness…… of the 1988-1989 season.

I can’t leave you hanging……

415 days…….  March 6th 1990 “Valley Finale” on National TV.  The night Redbirds Arena would surpass Horton Field House!!!!

I still get goose bumps when I walk into Redbird Arena!!!!

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1990 Pepsi-MVC Tourney Nets $242,281

I found this!!!


The 1990 Pepsi-Missouri Valley Conference basketball tournament not only was a fan success, with the largest crowd ever to see an MVC Tournament championship game, but it was a rousing financial success as well.

In September, Athletic Director Ron Wellman presented the MVC with a check for 242,281, the highest total proceeds in MVC Tournament.  The tournament committee guaranteed $190,000 in its bid for the tournament, so the conference received 52,281 over and above the guarantee.

This year, the Pepsi-MVC Tournament is at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis.

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Senate Joint Resolution No. 124 (4/3/1990)

preable 1


preable 2

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5 seniors and coach


coaches pem col

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JC – Sonny – Sam – Scott



Sonny and sam 1989


Sam getting score on


Scott   Randy

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Starting scanning

Valley Finale Press Packet


NCAA Program

NCAA program

October 1990 Bird’s I Views


Note from Coach B

bob note to jon

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